Friday, July 18, 2008

Knitting again!

I started knitting a sweater--not that I don't have enough sweaters on the needles, waiting patiently for me to get back to them--but because I didn't want to knit on wool right now--so I started a swing sweater with a turtle-type neckline with some boucle I had in my stash.

I also decided that I would use some of this same boucle to make a shawl--called the Seraphina Shawl (just google, it's everywhere, including on Ravelry!). The result of the boucle on the Seraphina Shawl is lovely, but Seraphina, sadly, is crochetted, which I am NOT very good at--but I'm going to try. Shawls and gauge don't matter so much.

I wanted to tell you about something that happened to a friend of mine at the office--

She was driving around in a strip mall parking lot, and a family walked out in front of her, and birds were exchanged--she drove to the gas station, and so did the family--everyone got out of the cars, she was alone, and the other two adults beat the crud out of her.

She came to work with bruises on her face, a cut lip. Heck, I didn't know who she was at first! She told me that the police wouldn't do anything.

I told her to call Judge Judy.

And she did.

The production manager asked her to come to California and they sent airfare and hotel reservations for everyone concerned. They looked into the matter, and found the people who beat her up, and sent them the same. How could they not come, right? I think that they were so sure that they were in the right for doing this, although I am not sure why.

Anyway, Judge Judy lit into them like a PIT BULL, humiliated them on national television, and since my friend had her case in order and looked and acted "with it and reasonable", she won her case and came home $5 GRAND RICHER!

Not that the perps had to pay a cent of it, but the public humiliation was worth every penny!

Another blogger's situation with her daughter reminded me of the situation with my ex--where he walked out on our marriage, leaving me to pay the full brunt of a $15,000 bankruptcy (okay, I suppose that's unfair, he sold his bike for $2 grand, and put it all on the bankruptcy, most of which I'd already paid with garnishment and monthly payments). So I ended up paying only $13,000, I still feel rather rooked, and very jaded about the whole affair.

Had I not had that bill, I could have gotten another car/newer car when it came time, but unfortunately...well, you get the picture. I'm still really tight with my money, and for sure won't give a bit of it to my current husband, who seems to be really tight with money too! At least finances wise, my current man and I seem to be pretty much on the same page.

We both want to retire.

He could do so now, if the house were paid off. I can't until I'm retirement age, but I have a hunch that something will happen to me that I will have to go on a medical leave and likely disability--I just have this funny feeling....maybe it's my brain that will "go". I seriously don't think I should have to wait much more than say...a couple more hours?

Thank GOD it's Friday!

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