Sunday, July 20, 2008

Flat Feet!

This is already knit yarn, hand dyed and sold flat in a sort of "scarf" for knitting socks. The tag says to tear out the waste yarn and knit from the already knit---no need to wash or hang out the fabric or anything.

Well, I decided I wasn't having any of that.

I ripped out the "scarf", discarded the waste yarn and wrapped on a niddy noddy, tossed into some vinegar water to soak a bit, then wrung it out and hung to dry with a pop bottle full of water to hang out the "wrinkles" in the yarn.

So far, works good. Almost dry, and the dye reminds me of chenille--because the dye didn't really "take" where the knit stitches were joined, so the dye is a tiny bit "spotty", but otherwise, it looks pretty cool, and I can barely wait to start knitting.

I've also been thinking strongly about knitting on my fair isle sweater--even in this heat! I'd like to get it out and check to see how long my armholes are--then start the shoulders, but I'm reticent because of the heat. All that wool yarn in my lap--think about it.

I dreamed that a bill collector came into my house, and into my bedroom when I wasn't dressed--in fact, totally naked, and I'm, well, covering my breasts while he stands there gawking. Then he gets mad about the unpaid bill, which of course, I find a receipt for payment AFTER I finally get him out of my house on threat of bodily harm--next thing I know, I'm at a family party, and this one woman is totally mad at me for some unknown to me reason. Everyone else said she was nuts, and to pay no attention, but frankly, the whole episode was un-nerving. At least I was dressed for the party.

I'm having a big Potato Chip craving at this very moment, and I'm considering taking off and going to the store to pick up a few things and to get some gas--since it was down to $4 a gallon last night.

Hubby said that he'd be willing to put in a windmill--to store electricity in case there's a storm we can still run our lights and our heat, because we heat with a corn stove upstairs. Last winter, the lights went out twice, and when that happened, our corn stove, of course, went the middle of winter. There's also this threat of the world ending in 2014--which means no electric for anyone, except for those who have windmills to generate power. So I'm going to look into it.

2014? Oh there's some belief that the Mayan Calendar stops in the year 2014, and that was when they believed time would end. There's supposed to be some big alignment of the planets in our solar system, and there's the thought that the earth will wobble considerably on it's axis--causing all sorts of havoc...I'm glad we live on a hill, but it's a small hill and won't protect us for long.

Anyway, I'll stand watch in 2014--sometime in December, I guess for the world to end. Then I'll watch for the Hale Bop comet and take off in a space ship for an alien planet.

Anyone care to build another ark?

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tweezle said...

I just adore your posts! You always manage to give me such a lift. Thanks!