Friday, July 11, 2008

Tarot Card for the Day

The 9 of Swords--entitled "Suffering"

After a long "night" of suffering, there has been an awakening, and the "dream" has finally broken.

While things might yet be uncomfortable while the racing heart slows back down to a normal pace, the end is in sight and relaxation is within reach.

This is a good card to draw on a Friday--it says that things will be impossible for only a short time longer, and then--BLISS--or, as I call it, THE BLESSED WEEKEND.

This weekend, Ray and I are heading for Chatham to watch Flint Scottish in competition. It's supposed to storm most of the day on Saturday, and I'm not looking forward to the drive because of that, but we'll be prepared, I think. If I drive by the Niagara Escarpment again, I'll take a picture this time. I didn't get one when we drove to Georgetown--and I'm almost afraid that the escarpment is AFTER Chatham, rather than BEFORE, and therefore I won't get the picture unless I head out there at some point during the day.

I also hope that Flint does better in this matchup than they did at Embro and Kincardine...I have to check the stats page, but something tells me that the band has fallen apart at the seams, and will have to do some fast pedalling to get going again. We'll see. I do wish them lots of luck in the days/weeks and months ahead of them.


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