Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nothing but Work!

It's been pretty boring the last several days. Hot, humid weather that won't let me out of my office for it's oppressiveness, and so I've been working my tail off (can you see I don't have any tail left!) trying to catch up.

I am knitting, even though it bothers my wrist. I haven't been to the rheumatologist because I'm afraid he's going to tell me that I have arthritis, which I really don't want to hear that--since I know there's really nothing they can do about it, except put me on anti-inflammatory medication, which makes me sleepy, and I REALLY hate feeling tired all the time.

I think justice would be better served if I could just lose weight. Even though my diet has not changed in the 30 years since I started gaining (slowly), the weight packs on pound after pound, and there doesn't seem to be a thing I can do about it. Standing up, my clothing fits me. Sitting down, my clothes are restrictive and I can't breathe. The second I get home, I am pulling my jeans off and sitting under the ceiling fan trying to cool off.

As I said, I've been doing some knitting. I am finally on the decreases for the double knit hat. I expect that I will be done with it today, and I can take pictures and show you the final result. It's quite lovely, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I'm going to be able to wear it this winter. I plan to put a big fun pompom on top. After that hat, I've got some mittens I want to make, and some socks--but I think I will go back to knitting on my fair isle sweater, finish it, then go on to the entrelac sweater and finish that--now that I have the book to do the pineapples--and then I will have two sweaters and a hat to wear for fall and winter. The idea pleases me.

I also have a hat kit in the basement that I've had for some time--this one is felted, and has some of that eyelash yarn knit into the band that goes around the head--it's purple, and it's pretty. I might opt for that. I'd also like to do those felted boots--make them to look like Uggs--and put a leather sole on them so I can wear them in "inclement" weather. First, however, I want to finish some of the UFO's on the side bar, here--and make a big dent in my stash--that's rather a necessity, because I've got a LOT of yarn. Some of it I haven't seen for years--it's stuffed in big plastic bins in the basement. I have to go through it and make up the projects that have been languishing in those boxes for like....God forever.

I have this afghan. The central part is a snow scene, which is done. The outer part is hairpin lace that curves around it in a sort of filigree pattern. I'm not sure that I still have the pattern layout, so it will take some hunting, I expect, but since we're going through everything down in the basement, I figure now might be the last chance I get. I have a good idea where it's at, but it's going to take some doing. The final result will be a showpiece--definitely not for keeping you warm at night, but something to show off--perhaps at the fair--I'm pretty sure the final piece will be a show-stopping first place. There's just no way it could lose. Beyond that, I can't imagine having it in my dog and cat-hair infested home. I think before I can do that, I have to have both dogs and cats groomed and a professional cleaner to come in and get all the cat and dog hair out of the carpet--a challenge not for the feint of heart.

Well, I've changed subjects too many times in that last paragraph.

I pulled 4 tarot cards yesterday to find out what's up with my ex. I drew the 6 of swords first. Sadness, discontent, travel over water, leaving. Then at home, I asked how long before he and his wife split. I pulled the 2 of cups reversed, the ace of wands and the 3 of wands reversed.

2 of cups reversed-disharmony
ace of wands-creativity
3 o wands reversed-Lack of foundation

So apparently, he is already considering leaving her. There is disharmony in the home, very likely of a financial nature, since I know he is still not working, and they are having to make do on her salary, and I know that she is not well employed. Then there will be a short period of attempt to create harmony, and probably some semblance of it, especially to outsiders. Then the foundation will crumble, and they will break up. She'll try to hold onto him, but he will leave regardless, because that's what he does.

And for those of you who read Tarot, and say "oh, that's not what those cards say", trust me on this one. The cards have never been wrong with my readings.


Today's card is The Warrior reversed. Now the warrior is a woman figure who is strong, both in mind, body and spirit. She basically goes where she wants, when she wants to go--a no nonsense sort of gal. It's being reversed says that there will be blockades to to this sort of freedom--and that my day will be rife with a lack of the qualities of this warrior. Another boring day.

I need a break. The heat is oppressive. Today is payday. Maybe I'll take a longer lunch and head over to the yarn store? :)

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