Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trying to get past the dread

This is going to be a pair of socks for my mother--she's a big piggy fan! And I'm going to make the piggy socks in the book "Knitted Socks". Very cool.

The green/gold in the Dune and the Green lace weight will make a stupendous shawl. The pink, which is actually coral, will go with the Gatsby down below, either the pink/orange or the spring pink/green...doesn't matter. Just to add some sparkle.

These two purple shades (lavender) seemed to crawl right off the shelf--Fino Alpaca and Kid Seta.

I finished a project recently, and now, I have fallen upon the dreaded post knitting depression--where you can't decided what to make or work on next.

I've been trying to coerce myself to knit a swing sweater with an empire bodice top out of yarn I purchased at Jo Ann's called "The big Boucle", a large 8 oz package of variegated boucle yarn, that will knit up GREAT on size 9's or 8's (the bad part is that it calls for a 10 1/2, which just seems too holey for my liking!), and I've really only found 2 patterns that will look good in this stuff, and the swing sweater just isn't cutting it. I'll have to change the pattern in order to knit this one up in the gauge I want, and frankly, I'd like a real "no thinking" I've sort of set the swing sweater aside until inspiration hits.

These Norwegian yarns are for a pair of mitts or gloves in the Selbustrikk booklet. The booklet has about 200+ patterns in it, so it's hard to decide, but the outcome should be pretty spectacular.

All of this from the Little Red Schoolhouse in Lansing, who is having a 40% off sale on their you guess where I was yesterday! The Norwegian and the sock yarn was purchased at Threadbear. I brought the yarn to the office to show a girlfriend, and took the yarn to my doctor's office to show her, then took the pictures in her waiting room!

Don't tell my husband--he must never know. I spent over $100 there last night.


How am I going to buy gas next week (almost an equivalent purchase there....considering the price of gas)???

In any case, all is right with the world. My ex is maintaining his addiction, and his marriage will break up one day and I'll dance in the street when that happens. In the meantime, busy life and knitting will be marking my days as August approaches quick--in fact just hiding around the corner is another full dance card! I can't wait.

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