Saturday, July 26, 2008

Up at 3:45 am

Okay, this is the earliest I've been awake and aware in a long time.

Truth be known, I went to sleep at 7pm last evening, and woke up at 1:30am when my hubby turned on the light in the bedroom (after he had the alarm screaming in my ear for a minute or so), and I found myself tossing and turning again until 2, so I got up and started reading email again.

Pointless activity, really, but I love to read other people's blogs, look at pictures of their creations-whether they be socks or sweaters. I even like the baby pictures and the many cats, dogs and even moose. Yes, Moose. A video of a pair of twin moose playing in the sprinkler.

Don't see that every day now do ya?

I want to get back on my swing sweater, but think I'll go back to bed and try to sort out some dreams instead--maybe investigate the insides of my eyelids--and if sleep does come to me, I will feel refreshed and revitalized to go to hubby's aunt's house for a barbecue--

Oh, who am I kidding?

I can always take a nap! Is 2pm good for you?

No seriously, I have to go to this barbecue. She's my favorite aunt! Well, next to the favorite aunt on my mom's side...although, I think it's rather a close tie in favorites....

I like my hubby's aunt because she's an interesting sort of person. She smiles all the time, she laughs, she's funny in her own right and she's a junker.

What's a junker, you ask?

A junker is someone who goes to goodwill and buys a bunch of junk, just to have it--it's rather like a sock yarn stash--it's her addiction. Much of the clothing in her closet and the jewelry in her drawers is from goodwill, estate sales and garage (aka garbage) sales. She collects "things" that give her joy. Just like my yarn and pattern stash--so we have sort of an understanding.

I'm going to see if she knows a yarn store in Battle Creek today, and maybe she'll take me there. I would have some SERIOUS fun then, but she takes me to her favorite haunts, and I have fun with her doing that as well. The last time she took me to goodwill, I found a pair of cute Jellies shoes for my grand-daughter...unfortunately, I didn't have the cash for them, so there they sit. If they are still there this weekend, I'll buy them this time.

I'd take a picture of my sweater, but it's too dark in the house, and the light from the computer isn't enough to take a good picture--plus the interior lighting in my house is too yellow.


Did I tell you that my boa constrictor bit me yesterday?????????????

She got the worst of it, though. Before I worry you, constrictors are not poisonous!!!

Okay, so she bit me (my fault entirely, as I surprised her), and she surprised me, and I shook my hand to make her stop and she sort of fell back into her pen--really seriously pissed off--I think I woke her up. Snakes sleep with their eyes open, you know, so you really can't tell if they're awake or not. Had I petted her first, she probably wouldn't have bitten me. I was just going to give her some water in her water dish. Funny how that sounds like I'm putting fresh water in the dog dish? But she got me on my right hand, big finger. No, it doesn't hurt, and it did bleed a little--I put some peroxide on it, just in case of infection--but there's ben no trouble at all, so I figure I'm safe.

There are some snakes that inject a small bit of poison into their prey, and allow it to get away and run, then they follow the trail later, and find the prey dead..but constrictors are not that way. In fact, if I hadn't been so surprised, I would have relaxed and undid her grasp with my fingers, which would have resulted in less damage to my snake--I'm concerned that she may have lost a tooth in the battle!

Can someone tell me why my dog gets really weirded out when I laugh in total silence? You know how it is, you're reading along on an email, someone wrote something funny, and I laugh or giggle to myself--or let's say the "you've got mail" comes on (mine's actually a little sing song) in the middle of silence. My dog just goes ballistic! I don't get it.

Anyway, perhaps later, a picture of my swing sweater.

it's called Fanilla.

Later! I'm going to go investigate the insides of my eyelids, perchance to actually sleep-dare I say, "dream"?

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cici said...

funny but I too stayed up all night to complete my 2nd sock of SOS/08. I couldn't believe it and stayed up all day sunday.. but slept hard last night. (i am on the sockknitters yahoo group)