Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Latest from Flint

I'm in the middle of a rainstorm--and there have been several passing through today--the first came as I was driving home. I'm glad that I wasn't at the office, because they showed pictures time lapse photography of the storm coming in down by where I work, and trust me, it wasn't pretty. It has done nothing but rain

and rain hard

all afternoon/evening. Direct TV is out, so we can't even get a good weather channel--so it's dark and depressing. I can't see the copse of trees across the road for all the rain. Charlotte got so much hail that it looked like it had snowed, according to the weather report earlier this afternoon. Okay, I'm getting intermittent signal on the tele--which says "flash flood warning". We have gotten a lot of rain.

I contacted my friend in the pipe band, and she tells me that Ed was at Embro in competition. I told her that it was odd, because he called me and told me he quit on Monday. So I told her to call him to find out what the deal was, and he called me shortly afterward.

Apparently, he decided to go back.

However, he told me that their bass drummer quit with no notice whatsoever before the game, and they had to scramble for another bass drummer to help them out. They finally decided to have one of the snare drummers do it, and they took another second place.

Amazing how all this stuff works out, isn't it?

I told my husband that I wanted him to take me to the Battle Creek Balloon Launch this weekend. I'm taking him to the Outback on Sunday. I've never been to the balloon launch, and in keeping with our 8th anniversary "gift list", which says that we should give each other something bronze or something rubber...well first I thought of something else entirely...then thought of the gun show, which he's not so interested (I know, they aren't bronze, but it's close!), then I thought about buying a bag of balloons. Then I heard about the Balloon festival, and knew that was what I wanted to do.

Direct tv went out again. I think I'm going to call them tomorrow and tell them that something is wrong because it goes out every time it rains. More rain, heavy rain, lighter, heavier...

Tv's back.

See what I mean?

In fact, since there's lightening, I probably shouldn't be on my computer! Maybe I could watch Ghost Busters? Maybe I could run a few tarot cards?

Well, give me a second, I'll draw one and give the "insight".

What will happen between now and midnight?

Well, this is the oddest thing.

I have pulled the World Tree three times in the last three days, even though I've shuffled the cards and cut them, asking about my day--it's as if it's stuck on one pat answer...everything is fine, the world is humming right along and things are as they should be. I suppose that's a good thing, since it's raining, there are flood warnings (we live on a hill, so we're likely out of danger there) there haven't been any tornados, and the weather guys don't predict any, and now, even though there is lightening, the rain is settling down, and things are coming back into harmony. I think I can expect that things will wind down and become "situation normal" in the next three hours or so. That settles my mind a bit--I always get fearsome when the storms come, and this card seems to be telling me to relax, nothing inherently bad is going to happen tonight.


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George said...

Wow, this is good stuff!!!
Those Flint guys must be some real wankers.
The bass drummer sounds like he dont have a clue!!!
Its sounds to me you should've asked your tenor corps to follow you. With the resume you have and stuff I have no doubts they wouldnt follow.
Seems as if your still following the Flint band closely, whys that? You quit. Let it go and go get some lunch or something.
Try a dill pickle, those are amazing!!
All the best in your journeys and hopefully one day that bass player wakes up and smells the coffee. What a humprey!!! You said he played in Toronto Police? He drives that far to play with Toronto? Is he Chinese or something? Nine iron, plum sauce, rice gobbler.
Hang on, gotta sneeze..................Ok, Im back, pherrnntt!
Whos the band leader anyway?? Does he not know that people love the $5.00 hot n now's. I mean come on.
Hungry Howies cant hold a candle to the $5.00 hot n ready's by little ceasears.

Best of luck with the weather your having and you should try taking a cruise or plane ride. I mean fly somewhere and then fly right back. Big time stress reliever.

Allthe best,
George, Mike, Bill Tom, ahhhhhhh whatever.
I heart the bass player.