Monday, August 15, 2011

Sore Doesn't Quite Describe It

After two weekends working in the garages (we have 3), the barn, the yard and inside the house, I am one big, throbbing ache. Even the ends of my hair ache. I should know, I just took a shower, and when I combed my hair it was a new experience in pain. Not only could I not keep my neck in one place, I dropped my comb and had to stoop at the knees (which I must have done 15,000 squats this weekend alone), and then I had to use the vanity to get back up.

Pain? Holy Cow. We just took a quick trip to India.

So I'm going to the Chiropractor today to see if there's anything she can do. I feel a little better after the shower, but I'm exhausted due to lack of guessed it--even with 4 Advil and a sleeping pill at 9pm, I didn't actually "sleep" until 2am, and even then, every time I MOVED, I thought I was going to fall apart.

There was even a point at 5:30am, when I wondered if I was having a heart attack, but then dismissed it.

And this is going to be a VERY long week. I have about 100 cases to go through at the office today, which I probably won't get to until Tuesday--especially if the Chiropractor puts me on ice the rest of the day--then on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have classes after the office that won't get me home until 9pm or later. Then this weekend is the Allegan Fiber Festival. And you know that I have no intention of missing that.

But Saturday is a long LONG way away. I view it wistfully from my chair in front of my blog. I've been saving for a few months for this trip, and figure I'll be coming back with something that will zero out the savings account, but I'm not entirely sure what that might be. Probably gobs and gobs of laceweight yarn will end up in my bag, and maybe even a charkra--book style. Maybe a woolie winder for my Sonata. Maybe several pounds of fine merino top? There are lots of things that could catch my eye--including the beautiful hand turned wheels that spin like buttah--but I think that would set me back quite a bit more than I am prepared to shell out.

In the meanwhile, I have to put up with this back pain, and get through the week without hurting somebody. Hubby had best stay out of my way, because I am a grumpy old witch when I hurt. He might find himself waking in the frog pond if he's not careful.

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