Thursday, August 25, 2011

To the Nines...

Because I drew the 9 of Swords today for my daily card. Yesterday, I drew the 5 of wands, and I got my woolie winder and 4 bobbins--meaning 5 pieces of wood. The 9 of swords reversed means an "end to the suffering". I hope that means that my supervisor is going to be too busy to give me more work, and I'll be able to get something accomplished today. I've been working like a dog these last two weeks. The Nines are not quite, but almost completion (10's complete things), so it sounds like I'll get really close, and then she'll hand me another task that I don't have time to do.

At least I have Saturday to look forward to.

It could also mean that the end is nearing for the debacle that was the Michigan Fiber Festival versus my credit card. I got an email from the Vendor chair for the festival telling me that she would pass the issue on to the Festival president, but that was ALL she wrote. Nevermind that we were friends for 8 years and she still sends me chain email and jokes every now and again. I suppose that life is really starting to get her into a sad place. I thought I might run into her at the Fiber Festival, and I did obsess about it a little, but I never saw her. Even though I went through things twice. Ah, well. The absurdity of life sometimes surprises me.

But I think that the nine has to do with my credit card, because the next card I drew, in asking "suffering according to what circumstance", I got the Knight of Swords reversed, titled "Change". Well, the bank is changing my credit card number. Then I have to go all over the internet and change my account information. That could be pretty hairy--because besides places like Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, Barnes and Noble, and other assorted places, I'm not sure WHERE else my old # might be. But whoever perpetrated this fiasco for me can't get any more money because the card is no longer any good. And fraud investigation has returned my cash to me, and I have enough to cover me until I get a new card. So I'm okay for now.

In the meanwhile, it's time to take off for the office, again. I truly hope that my boss gives me a break today. I could surely use one.

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