Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm About HOT

Last night we had a good, hard rain. A low and a cold front came through lickety split, and things cooled right down.

Today, however, is another story.

It is semi-sunny and muggy, but only if you're working, which we have been doing for the last two hours. I'm taking a break because I couldn't take the sweat running into my eyes.

"It burns, It Burns!" says I.

And hubby says "You're quitting already?"

But I just don't feel much like overdoing it today. We were able to clean up the downstairs mess that my step son left us, and we can now see the floor and what needs to be done; however, it's going to be a lesson in futility to get the floor to lie back down. While the dehumidifier is helping some, it's not a permanent fix. We both know that. Once a bow is in the floor, it's either going to bust a seam (which it has now, and that's an impossible fix without tearing up most of the floor) or it will need water and SLIGHT pressure to bow it back. Hubby thought "cement blocks" and I answered "too much weight--a wet towel would be enough if we had some sun in here". And just as soon as hubby fires up the boiler, that bow in the floor is going to get even matter how much we chop off the ends. My idea to put down ceramic tile was the best idea, but hubby thought "cold floors" and I answered "throw rugs" and he replied with "cat hair magnets". Well, I'm too hot to argue.

So I'm going for a cold drink. I had coffee earlier, and it has dehydrated me. I also need to work on my knitting. I started at breakfast, but it's slow going on this row. VERY slow. I simply cannot see the stitches. It bugs me that the lighting in this house is insufficient for a house this size. We thought by putting in ceiling fans, with lights in the fixture that it would help some, and it has, but what is truly needed is natural "white" light. A sunroof perhaps--which hubby would strongly protest. Time for that drink. A stiff one.

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