Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, And Home...

You know, at the the end of every happy weekend is this awful day they call Monday.

Yes, I've been through another Monday.

A friend of mine had some "in-laws" murdered in this little bitty town called Onondaga--my mother-in-law lives just down the street from there, and so I called her to let her know. She's going to turn on the local news so that she can find out all about it, since it could well be someone she knows.

The food in my refrigerator is frozen. I turned up the freezer to make ice, and today, when I came home to make my supper, I found it frozen solid in the pan! I had to go to McD's to get something to eat, which wasn't really something I was looking forward to doing. It's pay week, and I'm a little on the short side financially. I suppose I could have fried the frozen food on the burner, but I really didn't want to cook in the 90 degree heat.

And I've also run across some old friends of mine on Facebook.

And my son's car's brakes have failed. I think it was a brake line. Hubby says those cost quite a bit to replace. It could be the caliper--which would cost even more. We'll see.

Like I said. It's been quite a Monday for lots of people.

It also seems that there is a full moon, as friend is having family difficulties with lots of drama, that she just can't deal with.

Another friend got some good news today. The biopsy came back Negative for her mother. So she has hopped back on her motorcycle and headed for the Carolinas.

And I'm off to Facebook to check out my wall and my messages.

Oh, and the police are dragging a nearby pond. Could that be what the 4 of cups was referring to? I wonder if there's any news on I'll have to check later. Earlier, there was nothing new. We'll see.

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