Saturday, August 20, 2011

Michigan Fiber Festival

Hubby and I just returned from the Michigan Fiber Festival. As usual, I spent a lot of money, but thanks to the little conversation we had before he left with me, the trip was pleasant, and he didn't say a thing about my purchases. He saw some things he thought were pretty interesting, and I asked him if he could make a triangle loom for me, to which he gave me a "Yes" answer. The fact is that if he does make one for me, it would cost a lot less---in that the ones for sale at the festival were a mere $320, and the easel to hold it up a paltry $189. For that kind of money, I can buy a Hitchhiker wheel!

Which I didn't do, but I could have. There was one there.

There was also a lot of other things there that drew my intrigue, but the man with the Woolee Winder wasn't. So I ordered it online just now. I'm hoping that it will come in a week so that I can take it to the Kalamazoo Festival for spinning.

In the meanwhile, I purchased a cone of chenille to crochet onto a blanket, two skeins of a beautifully dyed cotton/rayon yarn and some teal merino top--

Oh, I see those eyeballs out there, rolling to the sky. Yes. it is my plan to make my sweater again. This time, I'll try to keep it away from my husband and the regular laundry. Perhaps I'll put it in with the hand knit socks when it needs a good soak.

But at the moment, it is storming outside, and the worst of it isn't even here yet. The wind kicked up for a half second as the front roared through, but now things have calmed down. There's been chatter about this one containing hail, but I haven't laid an eyeball on it.

I also bought a set of size 4 dpns for my shawl to correct the error. I think a combination of a dropped stitch and trying to make up for it. I'll find out when I get better light. Right now, with the storm and all, there's no light to get. Things are pretty dark, and it's only 2:38pm! I'm going to need some really good light and a pair of clean glasses to make this repair. But do I look worried? Certainly not.

I had a good time at the festival. I need to purchase some purple dye from JoAnn's for the chenille, and I have to take it out of the cone and into a skein to dye it. I'll need a really good purple dye. Perhaps I'll visit Dharma Trading Co for it. I can probably get any color of the rainbow from there. I'll also need a fixative--Cotton doesn't dye the same as wool either. It was really nice that hubby went and he seemed to have a good time. If he didn't, he didn't mention it, more to his credit than not. You know how hard it can be to be with someone someplace they don't want to be? Well, he wasn't like that at all, and we covered nearly every inch of the festival twice. He deserves a prize, and I have a good idea which one he's shooting for.

In the meanwhile, I believe that I will head over to Ravelry and take a look around. We can't really do much of anything with the rain coming down so hard. So it's mostly an indoor day, I guess. I don't want to begin spinning my merino tonight. I want to wait until I have the woolee winder. If it was just a little bit lighter outside!!!

Oh well. Guess I'll find something else to do.

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