Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tarot Draw...

Last night, before going to bed, I drew the following cards...

Page of Pentacles (reversed)
9 of Swords
4 of Cups

I read this to mean that my sugar would spike a bit while I slept, that I would have a nightmare, that would cause me to be unahppy.

Well, I did have a nightmare, just before I woke up to go to work, and in my dream, I was crying. I went and checked my sugar, and while it was a little on the higher side, it wasn't horribly so.

Just now, I drew another set...and it's nearly the same cards..

Page of Pentacles (reversed)
4 of Cups
The High Priest

This says "You are still concerned about your health. Maybe you should contact the doctor." This is something I've been thinking about all week, but really haven't gotten a round to it. I will call on Monday.

But I really need to know about my son, who was recently fired from his job...

Well, I drew

Five of Pentacles (reversed)
3 of Cups

Freedom and Change will Resolve it...Well, he got fired from his job...that gave him all sorts of freedom...but Death as the "change" card doesn't fit. I've long said that my son won't change until my mother dies. But when I ask "when is my mother going to pass?" I get Death reversed--and since it's a major, I figure it's going to be a long while--and it's my hope that should she pass on soon, that she would stick around and do whatever needs to be done to help my son get another job. AND SOON. Not that I want my mother to pass SOON, but I have the notion that even the cards know that this issue more or less revolves around the passing of my mother. But when I draw a couple more cards, the SAME CARDS COME UP, but in different orientation...and thusly meaning something altogether different:

Death reversed
3 of Cups reversed
5 of Pentacles.

Change cannot occur. If things stay the same, the restriction will continue.

Sigh. The end result is the same...stuck in the mud. So I drew on a high school chum...

I drew:

High Priest (reversed)
4 of Cups (reversed)
2 of Pentacles

Well, that's quite interesting...
Looks to me like she isn't dissatisfied with with her job (meaning she's okay with it, but there are things about it she'd like changed), but that things are coming to a boiling point, and she's going to have to juggle some finances to keep things on the level. I do know that she was talking with a realtor at the reunion, and I wonder if the realtor succeeded in making her think about the prospect of buying a home....I did warn her about large outlays of $$ at the party--so I hope that if she decides to buy a home, that she gets a warranty AND has it checked by a professional.

On the matter of another classmate....
Who was in the process of selling her home to move with her boyfriend/fiancee....I drew:

The Sun
The Underworld reversed
The World Tree

Major things going on there! Looks like smooth sailing, even though the underworld is in there, it's reversed, between two VERY BIG POSITIVE CARDS. I think it's all going to go on for my classmate here. Full Steam Ahead. That she has the Bull by the horns as it were, and well equipped to take the World by Storm if necessary. It's funny, because she has no real idea that she's in the cat bird seat right now. And it looks like for her, things are going to go her way for a long while.

So I ask about my ex-husband...

I draw:

4 of Wands Reversed
Initiation (16 major)
The Warrior (reversed)

Not much going on here. Looks like he's trying to get something going, but doesn't have the strength to deal with it...either mentally or physically, but mostly physically. I wonder if he's in his "planning stages" to divorce his wife? So I draw another card...the 8 of Wands. Entitled Action, means he's going to take some steps to Initiate something, but they will perhaps be only half-hearted attempts at getting what he wants. Interesting.

Well, that was my evening. I've been doing quite a bit of knitting on a circular shawl, and I'm past the central motif, and into the (what I call) snow. This is a span of about 6" that is not really "motif", but more "filler". Usually I prefer something exciting to go on with shawls, and I have to repeat this 8 row "all over pattern" 6 times. It's pretty boring right now. That's why I stopped to pull some cards. I was really hoping to draw something good for my son. He could sure use a bit of change for the good in his life. It really is about time something good happened to him. No word about nightmares tonight, so I suppose I am good to go as well.

In the meanwhile, be well.

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