Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At the End of the Day

At the end of my workday, I asked my tarot deck at the office--

"What should I take to spin night that will give me the most bang for my time?"

I drew The World...

No socks
No sweater

but a band the twines around the body in a Z twist.


So I took some and got about 2 oz spun up in a couple of hours.

And started working on socks when I got home.

Then today, I went to Hobby Lobby. Wrong thing to do.

I also went to get an ultrasound for my thumb and wrist. I am not ruptured. I do not have fibro. I do not have arthritis.

I have a serious case of tendinitis.

I'll be going to physical therapy soon.

I bought a pair of Hand Ease at Hobby Lobby, and put one on, right there in the store. Talk about feeling better nearly immediately, but it does get hot wearing this lycra spandex. I can still feel that it hurts me, though, so it's not a fix. And I bought a bunch of baby yarn in a variety of colors to make into socks, and some sock yarn (Red Heart's Heart N Sole with Aloe) in a sort of off-white to make...you guessed it...I'm going to find the pattern for that lace sock posted the other day, and I'm going to make those socks by cracky, or I'll know the reason why!

I also got 2 sock patterns today. Some Booby Socks (Race for the Cure, Breast Cancer socks replete with pink ribbons, and Hibiscus Socks (also for Breast Cancer) on someone's website who is walking and looking online for sponsors. In gratitude, she's giving the pattern. She is also the one who did the pattern for the Capanula socks (also very nice).

Knitters for Knockers 2008 - Hibiscus Socks KAL

If you're interested. She's got some nice patterns. I wouldn't pass it up if you're any sort of knitter!

I'm pretty hot right now, so I'm going to sign off and go into the bedroom, turn on the air conditioning, sit on the bed and knit. I doubt that I'll even make dinner. It's just impossibly hot and humid. Remember when I was talking about the humidity in JUNE? Well, June ain't seen nuthin' yet. August has it all over June, believe me.

I'm The Lady of the Nines, and I'm out!

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cici said...

I use the hand ease too. I does help some. Thanks for the site. The patterns are great. I hope you feel better. |:D