Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fanilla Back is Fini!

After a little discussion with one of the staff at Threadbear, I decided what I was going to do for the final few decreases on the back of Fanilla. This does nothing to assuage my angst over having to do something other than what the directions SAY to do, but it was the onliest thing that could be done in order for the stitch count to come out right.

And so, the back is done today, and I will cast on the front this evening. I can wait on it, however, as the first 6 rows are ribbing, and we all know how much my wrist loves ribbing, right?

So instead, I'm writing to you.

Today has been an exceptional day. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. Hubby and I have been watching movies all day. Right now, The World Is Not Enough, James Bond movie is playing. I'd be watching it, but would rather be PERFORMING one of the female roles that get to snuggle up to the famous spy--this time, Pierce Brosnan. He was a good "Bond", but his predecessor was and will remain, the best there ever was.

So why is it, that, since I just saw him in the movie previous--I am having a brain fart, and can't remember his NAME?

Don't you just hate brain farts?

All that will come to mind is Chester Humpernickle. This is bad--hahah. Very bad.

I'm going to go eat my hot dogs now.

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