Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Socks on the Needles

And pretty ones, too.

This is Bernat Jaquards. I bought 2 balls, just in case the 300+ yards wasn't enough for the socks I want to make.

These are plain vanilla 2 x 2 rib socks--nothing spectacular. The yarn is actually baby yarn--very soft, and resulted in a run of purchasing a bunch of baby yarn at Hobby Lobby--but this Bernet I got at Meijer's.

I considered working on these this evening, but the Tarot cards seemed to think I needed a nap--considering that I really didn't get to sleep until after midnight, I think the nap I DID take was worth the effort. I slept about an hour, then got up and made dinner.

I made Chicken Helper, and my husband announces that he's going back on the Adkin's Diet. I hate that diet. It works, sure, as long as you STAY on the Adkin's Diet for the rest of your life. Me? I'm not the dieting type. I really need to change my eating habits, yes. Diet, no.

Well I have a lot of yarn to photograph, so I will sign off for now. Got to update Ravelry, you know!

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cici said...

they are very pretty indeed :D