Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birds at the feeder

Last night while watching Ghost Hunters from my husband's chair, I saw 3 birds land near the bird feeder.

They didn't look like the standard sparrow or finch, and were decidedly BLUE!

Yes, 3 bluebirds landed near my feeder.

Now bluebirds aren't normally seed eaters, but they are bug eaters, so my guess is that they were migrating and just "resting" at the feeder.

This tells me that I need to put out bluebird houses before spring, so I can watch them.

I tried to get out of the chair. My camera is just two steps bluebird flew the coop.

I knelt down on the bluebird flew the coop.

I got down on the floor and crawled like an army my camera, turned it on, rose up to one elbow, snapped off one shot with a flash that sent the last bluebird soaring.

The pic was too fuzzy, but I could make out this little flash of blue--I won't waste your time with the pic. There will be more next year.

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