Friday, August 8, 2008


With Fanilla tabled until I can get some help, and with the Fair Isle Sweater tabled until Fall (which is just around the corner, folks!) I decided to start another pair of socks (posted previously), and they are coming along fine. I've finally reached the color repeat for the yarn, and it's really a pleasing pattern that's coming out of all of this knitting.

Work is hectic as usual. I need some time off, as usual. It's Friday again, as usual. Nothing spectacular about the day, other than it's Friday, the day after payday, and I have money to spend and no yarn store to get any!


Well, to be fair, Threadbear is supposed to open again on Saturday (fingers crossed and hope I don't die from sock yarn withdrawl!). I'm going to take Fanilla with me on Saturday, and hope that the guys will be there to help me with this pattern, as it's just driving me nuts. I even dream about this pattern (which is normally how I solve the things that just can't be fixed in the light of day), but this time, the dream said one thing, and while it's a possibility, it isn't in keeping with the pattern, so I'm "flumoxed".

But imagine my surprise when I stopped in after a doctor appointment to find out that they'd been closed!! We're talking some serious yarn withdrawl/panic attacks. I had to go to Hobby Lobby to get a fix! And what a shot in the arm!

Hobby Lobby had Red Heart Heart and Sole sock yarn (2 skeins required for a pair of crew socks), and Bernat's sock yarn in god-awful colors, but I bought some of that anyway. And acrylic baby yarn (also Bernat) in colors to make my mother a pair of socks and also some Breast Cancer Awareness socks (a lovely variegated pink--). I also got some baby yarn in a neopolitan colorway (for the uninitiated, that's pink, white, and brown for the colors of the Neopolitan ice cream, and for the life of me, I have no idea why the ice cream makers EVER decided to call it Neopolitan...I guess that's one for the Bits and Pieces of Useless Information AKA Trivial Pursuit game.).

So I went a little nuts. Then I went home and took my Xanax, because I've been having trouble sleeping for all this torture I'm suffering through. Someone feel sorry for me, PLEASE!

But all should be resolved tomorrow, which is another day, and I'll let you know if I survive the night.

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