Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Progress on the Socks Deux

Okay, so I turned the heel today, and I'm pleased. They are turning out really nicely. The foot should come along quickly and I will be done with these by the weekend. YAY!

I drove to work early this morning, since I fell asleep at 7pm last night and didn't wake until 2am. Forced myself to go back to sleep, but didn't really "rest", so when hubby's alarm went off, I got up, dressed and fed the animals. By this time, hubby was out of the shower and asking why I was dressed and ready for work...to which I replied that I thought I might go in early today and actually get some work done today.

As if all I do is sit and internet all day at the office like some people seem to do there--no--no--no names, PLEASE. I get into enough trouble just being there!

So I ended up arriving at the office at 5:45am--before anyone else arrived, and I found out that there are some people reporting that they arrive at 6, and they aren't showing up until 6:30---woohoo! I've got a bit of dirt on them now don't I?

So I ended up getting a huge amount of work done--but still have a lot left to do before I can rest again--but I don't know if I'll do this 5:45am thing again. Quite honestly, it's "for the birds" if you know what I mean...but when I walked out to my car it was still dark, so there were no birds. I mean, we're talking the darkest hour before the crack of dawn...and it sure was DARK, even when I arrived at the office, the birds were still sleeping!

So much for getting the worm, but I tell you, no self-respecting worm would be up at that hour!

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cici said...

well its going to be getting a lot darker in the coming weeks. I hate it.