Monday, August 4, 2008


I've been busy reading email. How silly of me to forget you!

Hi, I'm back again. Still working on the Fanilla-decided to rip it all out having nearly finished the back to the underarms, and decided that, in fact, I didn't like the fabric in a size 11 needle! It was just too limp for me. Added to that, I thought I made a mistake about halfway up, got to the very end and found out that I hadn't made a mistake at all! It was that the rubber bands I was using for markers were sticking to the needles and literally losing their honored spot as I pushed the stitches onto the needle to work them!

So I ripped it all out and started again from scratch. Funny how that happens now and then, but I knew in my heart that I would not wear it due to it's limpness.

Now working on the same piece, with a size 10 needle, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE A SIZE MAKES.

Although, now, I am STUCK...with a capital S (oh, I suppose a capital TUCK, too).

I can't figure out how I'm supposed to follow the directions and do the decreases as directed, when the stitches just aren't there to work the way the directions say to work them! So I wrote to someone who had completed this little marvel on Ravelry....such a WEALTH of information there. The person hasn't written me back, and may never, but if she doesn't, Berocco will respond with some seasoned helpfulness, I'm sure.

And in the meantime, whilst I wait patiently, I started another pair of socks.

These are two on one circular, cuff down, plain vanilla k2p2 rib socks, short row heel, fan toe (I like the extra space it affords). The rib will travel down the foot, and be plain stockinette on the sole. I'm using Bernat Jacquards--a lightweight acrylic maybe a teensie-bit bigger than fingering. Size 3 needle is working up REALLY well. When I get to a decent length, about an inch, I'll try the cuff on, to see if I need to add more stitches--right now, there's only 60, and they look like they might be a tiny bit small..but I don't think that the fabric will allow for a size 4 that the yarn band calls for, and I won't fiddle around with socks that droop because the fabric is too flimsy.

So there.

I worked a full day, even though my alarm didn't go off this morning, and I ended up being late--SHAME ON THAT CLOCK. Or did I just not ever hear it go off? In any case, I've caught up on what I wanted to do, and now just fiddling around on the computer, waiting to go back to my car, get gas, drop off to the grocery store and the hardware store and McDonalds--then to spin group!!

I can't wait for spin group tonight. Not that there's anything special going on, but just because I really like these people--they are so nice, and so nice to me. Maybe I'll take Fanilla to spin night and ask them what they think about it? On the other hand, I do still have MUCH of that Chiengora to spin, and probably should work some more on that. Which means that I have to weigh another 4 ounces out and into a plastic bag to keep cat hair out.

It's not like the knitter will notice that the 10 pounds of dog hair has one or two (or even a hundred, if it matters) cat hairs. Sheesh. Am I driving myself mad with these plastic bags????

Well, perhaps I'll just put on over my head, cut two holes for the eyes and go as the unknown bag lady?

Okay, so it's 5:30, and I am dying to get home and get going, so---


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