Thursday, August 14, 2008

Computer still broken!

Hubby woke me up again this morning, and decided to shower. He can't see in the dark too well, apparently, because he turns on every light in the house, just to take a SHOWER.

Don't get me wrong, I don't see WELL in total darkness, but if there's even one ray of light, and I can see well enough to get past those things that lurk in the shadows that other people stub their toes on...

Hey, I never said I was cat-like, but my husband says I am. And it's true--my vision in darkness is VERY good. I wish it was that good in lighted conditions.

So it comes as no surprise (at least not to me) that I'm at work, early again. True, I could have stayed home and knit on my socks (not much progress there last night because my wrist bothered me), but I wasn't in the knitting mood--so came to work to find out that the programs that I need to use are down, and so I can't really do much of anything except fret.

Yes, fret.

And it's just getting light outside.

The good part about getting up early is that you get to go outdoors and look at the stars. This morning, as I walked back from feeding the mice in the barn** I saw a shooting star near Pleides (sp?) and then remembered that the earth is passing through the remnants of Timiat (sp?), ergo the meteor shower that I missed a morning or so ago....but apparently not all of it, since this star/meteor was flashing nearly all the way across the sky. It was neat.

**For those of you who haven't read my blog, the mice in the barn are not your standard issue mice--they are white mice for my snakes.

So here we are again, trying to work with software that isn't connecting to the server really well. I told you that I broke it, and I worked like a fiend to get something done yesterday, too, and if it wasn't broken before, I would be willing to bet it's broken REAL GOOD now.

To add insult to injury, the elevators aren't working really well today, either. I feel a little sorry for people on the 15th, really! I do!

Okay, I don't. It bugs me that I'm on the 4th floor, and I'm loathe to take the elevator or the stairs--in fact, the elevators weren't working correctly yesterday after work, and so I took the stairs DOWN, only to fret on the way home--"how am I going to get to work in the morning, because I am SURELY not walking up 4 floors." It turns out that I fretted for nothing, as the Building Manager was there holding an elevator, just for me--well, okay, for me and another person, and first we went down to the basement (my favorite place to go), and the door wouldn't open there, and I was sure we were stuck on the basement floor, but the door opened about 2", and then closed, and we were on our way--except that 7 floors lit up on the panel, none of which we wanted to stop at--for me it was easy--stop at 3, stop at 4. Home free!

So, I will take the stairs down to get some refreshment at 7, and see if the elevator is up and running yet (enough to get me back in my seat), or if I have to take the stairs back up, which will take me (on a good day) about 15 minutes, since this poor out of shape body isn't used to stair climbing, and I have to rest a minute or two after every 1/2 flight.

Yes, I know. I need the exercise. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, going to try again on the computer. Hopefully, I can get some work done today.

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cici said...

I think its Pleiades..I always take a shower in the am with the light out, so it doesnt wake me up to fast. Thanks for clearing about the mice. I sure was wondering. Hope you can get things working ok soon.