Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doing the Snow Thing again today...

I was going to let my dog out last night while I returned the movies we rented--and when I stuck my nose out the door, I found out that it was snowing snowballs.


Well, perhaps not really big snowballs, but the little hard iceballs (sort of like hail, but smaller), and they were ping ponging a sing song off the top of my car.

I was going no where, but the dog went potty.

Today, on rising, I was greated with blue skies and snow about 4" deep. Yes, Virginia--it snowed last night, and quite a little bit. It won't prevent me from driving out today, but it will slick things up again considerably. So much for the January thaw--even though January isn't quite here yet.

God's way of saying "Happy New Year", I suspect. Frankly, I think he could have slept through it.

The birds, however, are back to the feeder, and I finally got a shot of a big, red Cardinal, although the picture isn't all that great because there is pup-kus all over the window. What's pup-kus? Oh, that's where the dog sticks her nose to kiss the window...pup-kus.

So I have to see if I can isolate the cardinal from the picture--he wasn't far away, but apparently, I couldn't get him in close. Not even with the zoom! So I'm not sure if the picture will come out. Now, having looked at the picture, I find that I didn't catch a cardinal, but a tufted titmouse. My cardinal flew away apparently. Proof of the pudding. I suppose I can see a little red on the crest and breast--the pup-kus may have obliterated the window too much. I guess it's time to clean the window, eh? No, it's a titmouse--they have that rusty color under their wings.

I've lost another 2 pounds somewhere! This is so exciting. I was at 230, and now, I'm at 210.5, and that is so slick--to be able to lose weight, even over the holidays--and to keep my sugar levels somewhat in check--of course, this is still a "new thing" for me, and my fingertips haven't calloussed-up much--and as I age, that will happen, and I won't check it as often.

I inquired of the tarot today "What do I need to know for today?" and I drew these cards...

Seven of Swords reversed (Diplomacy), The World Tree reversed, and the Moon

The news lately is the fighting in Gaza/Isreal--which is frightening--especially since the Mayans and Nostradamus have predicted the end of the world as happening in 2012! Which is only 3 years hence, right? So Here We go on a roller coaster ride--essentially. The cards say that due to a lack of diplomacy, the world will be set on it's end, and the final outcome is not clear. The fighing has to be stopped. The world leaders have to pow-wow and make things happen. Iran has to quit sticking it's nose in where it doesn't belong, and Hamas needs to be obliterated. At least that's what the news (if you believe all the propaganda) tells us. Of course, I'm pretty sure that Isreal doesn't believe in what the Mayans had to tell us--and especially not Nostradamus who was a serious drug addict. (Nevermind the ergot in the bread that was rife during his lifetime.)

But the warning is clear...GET IT TOGETHER.

So my thought is that something is going to happen, but even the cards can't foresee the outcome. That's a bad thing--it depends on both sides cooperation, and I don't think that the climate is conducive to proper attitude. I will need to watch the news today to see what's going on. Where's the remote?

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