Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am SO Excited!

I finished my Grandson's hat!!!!!

Here it is, and WHAT a CHALLENGE. First I tried to work the image in intarsia in the round, and finally decided that it would be easier to work the hat in fair isle. It meant that I had to run my yellow all the way around the hat, but it actually worked out nicer that way.

I floated 5 stitches, and caught the yarn on stitch 6 as much as possible. Now, the last time I worked intarsia in the round, I don't remember the long floats--and perhaps next time I will make those floats Much Longer, so that they can be cut and woven in later, meaning strings hanging at each edge, which I'm not very fond of--and perhaps there is a better way to work in the round, but all things considered, the finished product is VERY satisfactory, and so I show to you, pleased as punch!

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cici said...

It's gorgeous!!!!1 A job well done!