Sunday, December 21, 2008

A trip to Grandma's House...

But not actually grandma's house, but my In-Laws--

Jeff got stuck on the corner. I had to get out of the car, nerves shot from the day before. Three guys helped push him out. Where were these guys when *I* was stuck in the snow?????

Anyway, we got the car unstuck, and the rest of the drive was uneventful-highways were clear and dry--

We stopped at Kohl's and Kroger's. I picked up another present for my Grandson, and my pills from the Pharmacy, and headed to the in-laws.

Jeff blew the snow out of the way to the trash barrel, and was all out of breath when he came back inside. Twice, in fact. And we watched a little television--ate some cookies--had a bite to eat, and headed back home earlier than normal because the weatherman, who has a 4 letter word for his middle name, was forecasting more snow.

And it started about 10pm last night--

Big fluffy flakes this time, but not a lot of accumulation (3" predicted, but I see only 1" on the ground at the moment). The sun is shining and it's clear outdoors, but the wind is blowing quite hard--I'd be willing to bet that that wind chill is below zero. My poor dog's feet are freezing to the cement--and she won't stay outside long enough to do her business...which means I need to let her out more often--or buy her some boots for her feet, but at some point, I need to go outdoors and feed the sheeps. That sounds like a cold proposition...and my husband's invite to snuggle under warm blankets sounds a lot more palatable!!!

So I'm off to the races--I won't be going anywhere today--I'm sure the wind has blown some roads in, and I want to be able to count on getting back in--I'm not concerned at the moment for anything, because I am nearly done with my knitting the piggie socks--I have most of the foot done, and the Christmas shopping is done for the most part...just have to get my mother in law a pair of boots--and after that, just a hat to knit and I'm finished with Christmas knitting!

The hat is for my grandson--I found a Batman Insignia on a hat that was an iron-on, which came off it's hat quite easily, and I bought it for much cheaper than I would have had the patch been glued on better than it was....

So I will sew it to my Grandson's hand knit hat, and that will do it.

Well, enough for now, my thighs are freezing.

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