Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Next Project Decided!

A hat for my Grandson.

I purchased some black sport-weight "I Love This Yarn" from the Hobby Lobby. It isn't terribly warm, but warm isn't what I'm going for.

You see, the plan is to make a Batman hat...

Not with the pointy ears and the plastic nose, but a stocking hat with a batman emblem on it.

You'll recall that I found a hat with just such an emblem, but it's a tad small, and that the one on the Ravelry site is a tad too large...

So how to make on that's "just right"?

Well, enter in photoshop, I think, to help make the graph I want, and my printer to scan in the batman emblem, enlarge it and go from there.

I'm thinking again--

I figure that 20-30 stitches should "do it", and then I need the sport weight yellow yarn--and of course, I'm doing the hat in the round (wouldn't you know) so there's a new technique for me! Intarsia in the round.

Not that I haven't done that before, but it's very "fiddly", and I'm not fond of it...but it's for my grandson, right?

So I'm going to begin now.

Wish me luck...I just finished the hem yesterday.

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