Monday, April 25, 2011

Bearly There...

I am nearly done with MariAnn Bear. I have the yarn for a 4th. They are just too cute. The 4th bear will be Paul--Painter Paul, in fact. He will be a multi-colored bear. Oh, dear. Perhaps that's racist.

He will be a multi-nationality bear, created out of this:

Now doesn't that just get the creative juices flowing? I think he could carry a bouquet of flowers for all that color, and I can bearly wait to begin.

MariAnn needs her bottom closed up and arms and legs sewn on, and she's going to my Grand-daughter's home next month--so I'll have her here for a little bit yet. She's got a little bit of character to her--you'll see when I'm finished and get a pic to you.

It's time to go and make the donuts. Later, I plan to go to the movies to watch "Water for Elephants". Hubby wasn't interested in taking me over the weekend, and I'll be darned if I'm going to allow him to make me miss it.

See you later with more details.

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