Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Little Bit of Everything...

Only in Michigan, can you rise, with the sun, cloud over in ten minutes, start to rain, change to snow, then sleet for a bit, then turn into a thunderstorm.


Only in Michigan.

So it's been pretty noisy the last couple of hours, but I'm almost done with the toes on my socks. I might have to rip them out, because I think I may have stopped too soon--you see, I used a little negative ease, and thought I could stop my knitting at the point where my toes meet my feet--but that's turning out to be a shorter distance on the sock due to the negative ease. An inch of knitting stretching out to about 1/2 inch, means that when I put my foot in the sock, the toes won't be quite long enough. So I should have knit another 2" before starting the toes.

The jury's still out on the matter, but it's looking like I'll have to re-do the toes. Not a problem, since the toes usually go pretty quickly. It's the 2" more straight knitting that has me hoodwinked. Time will tell. I'll do a couple more decreases, then try on the sock. I'll know instantly if that's the case.

In the meanwhile, I'll make chicken for dinner and listen to the thunder.

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