Friday, April 29, 2011

Flooding Is Bringing in the Wildlife

The Looking Glass River hit flood stage and expanded over it's banks yesterday right into the Maple River Flood Plain. In the process, the wildlife was coming up out of the lowlands and into people's yards in Wacousta. The pictures are pretty fuzzy, since it was a drive by shooting--one came out really nicely, though, and gives you an idea of how many there were. I didn't count, but at first guess, I would say that at the first picture, there were up to 20 in the yard. (Click to "embiggen")
It was a pretty cool way to end the day. I doubt that the homeowner even knew that they were there. I didn't see anybody gawking out the window through the curtains, after all, and I hope that they didn't think I was snapping pictures of their home, as if I were casing the joint.

At one point, this doe was right up to the road, looking at me with her ears held out to the sides, curiosity getting the best of her. She got a little wiff of me, and went back to nibbling some of the sweet grass. It was such a poignant moment between us that I forgot to take a photo at that very moment.

Deer are really nice to watch from a distance, but they can be very dangerous when they are protecting their young. Some of these guys looked like early fawns, but were probably more likely very thin yearlings. Still, there were cool to watch for a few minutes. I left them alone and headed for home.

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