Sunday, April 24, 2011

Heads You Lose...

Book Review:

Well, I was listening to NPR the other day, and this (used to be) couple-man and woman, tag-teamed to create this murder mystery. The notion sounded so interesting that I immediately downloaded the book to my Nook.

The story begins with Lacey and Paul, brother and sister, finding a headless body on their property. Since Paul is a marijuana grower, they decide that they can't just call the cops, so together, they devise a plan to dump the body elsewhere where it can be safely found by some passerby--

But when the body shows up AGAIN a few days riper, the mystery begins.

Like I said, the book was "tag-teamed" by these two authors, she a mystery novel writer, he a poet. She began the book's first chapter, and he would flesh out the history and background. In between chapters were short letters (since it would appear that the two authors lived on different coasts) from one to the other on how each would like the storyline to go. At times, you couldn't wait to get done with the chapter, just to see what the authors had to say--and you would think these two had been married at one time--OH! How they would bicker! The story was VERY good, and the bickering was pretty funny, and gave the book a personal touch that you don't get in Steven King novels. It was rather like a window into each of the author's mindsets--a short review of their past, historical, failed relationship, along with a little "jabbing" here and there from the points where each one was still trying to "get over" the parts that must have hurt the most. Of the two, I think that "she" was the stronger, but I also think that she lost the most. Likewise, "he" was more the romantic, while she remained quite pragmatic. You'll have to read the book to make your own decisions on who broke up with whom, as well as to find out the answer to "Who Done It".

A good read. I couldn't put it down.

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