Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lester's Twin Sister...

I can't believe it, but I'm nearly done with Monica's body. The eyes, nose and ears are sewn on. The stuffing of the head has occurred. All I have to do is stuff the body and close up. Then I set her aside for a while as I make arms and legs.

I also purchased the right tool for the job of sewing together toys--a bent needle big enough for the yarn to pass through the eye, but still small enough to manage the actual sewing in smaller places. Things are so much easier when the right tool for the job is available.

No picture yet. It's not even morning yet. I'd be crocheting, were it not for this killer sinus headache. As soon as I can eat something, I'll take some sinus medication. It's such an angry headache, too. I feel like crawling back into bed, but hubby is snoring so much that I can't sleep. Then Mandy wanted out for her morning constitution. No sleep when she's got to go out. She barks about every ten minutes or so if you don't get right up and let her out. So here I am at 6am on a Sunday, when I should be sleeping in. Flippin' headache!

The good part of the sinus headache means that the trees are flowering, which means spring is nearly here, and I am so not ready. This is the time of year when hubby and I are usually at our busiest--cleaning up the yard from stuff left out last fall--such as leaves and other sundry things. The side of our lawn is a mess from all the acorns that dropped after the first snow last year, and we have some branches that came falling down that need to be cleared before we can mow. All this while we're preparing things in the barn to work on the wicker plant stands--the manufacture of these plant stands gives off a certain caustic smell. Hubby plays his music so loud that you can't think straight. I keep him company until my poor ears can't stand it anymore.

We got some movies yesterday to watch. They all have to go back today, which means that I have a trip back to the video store in my near future, and we'll be watching movies most of the day. Perhaps hubby plans to get the plant stands out of the way early this morning. Perhaps I'll wake him up now? No, let sleeping bears lie.

As for me, I think I will go read a little email. Then get something going for breakfast, then the sinus headache. These things take time. And you know how you don't want to do anything but sleep when you have a headache? Well, there you go.

So I'll close for now, and maybe a picture of Monica a bit later between movies.

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