Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Don't Understand.,,,

Last night, the weather service put out a tornado warning just to the southwest of our house. They showed the storm cell moving between two towns on the television, which put the storm in a direct line to hit our house.

I, on the other hand, watched the storm develop from my deck. It was at least 10-20 miles EAST of the picture on the television. The thunderhead cloud developed quickly "over there", and to the southwest, where the storm was said to be, was blue skies, nothing but blue skies.

I wondered if the storm chasers were drunk yesterday evening. We got the slightest bit of rainfall--enough to dampen half of the driveway, and then it was gone, blowing to the northeast. I was sure that I saw a funnel cloud, but it never touched down.

I think we need some new storm chasers that aren't drinking their lunches and dinners at the local pub.

In other news, Candy is coming along. I have most of her head finished. I worked on her quite a bit last night, but I can tell that I'm getting pretty tired of making this pattern--no matter how cute they are. I'm just not the type of person who makes the same thing over and over. I make it once, and you know, it just better work out, or it goes in the frog pile.

My cat is acting weird. She's sitting in my lap and staring at me. I think the food dish might be empty.

A woman (who also is slave to a cat), well, her work is never done.

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