Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long Sunday Afternoon

We have been...

Okay, perhaps I should rephrase that....

My HUSBAND has been working outside our house with a friend, putting in retaining wall, pretty much all the way around the house--his plan is to plant lots of hosta, and I think I've let you know about that before. Today, we decided together that we would clean up the building materials from the basement that have been rotting down on the carport--put some things away, scrape the weeds out of the retaining wall we put in a year or so ago, and just generally clean up.

It was a mess. We kept at it, taking little breaks now and then, and a drink break about halfway through, and I can now say that it is done. It only took us 6 hours to do an hour's worth of work, but it's done. The junk is bagged and in the garage so that it doesn't get wet and nasty, and a couple items are too big to put inside, so we left them outside, clear of the doors so that hubby can contact his friend when he's ready to clean the lower garages.

Oh, I can hardly wait!

But we are tired, and I'm FAMISHED, and I don't know if I can make it to the kitchen to make something for supper. Moving is really over-rated, you know?

I was wondering if there was any word on the missing girl from New Hampshire, so I'm going to go and look, but it would appear that there is no further news. Lots of tips, but none that are leading anywhere. After reviewing the video online, however, I see that the parent's home has--get this--WHITE LATTICE on the porch. But that's as far as I can see anything. Surprising that I wouldn't remember that, but that the cards would pick it up. Now, I know, lots of people have that lattice on their porch--and I'm not saying that the parents are suspect in the case...but the police are putting up crime scene tape. Who knows?

So I'm waiting for more information. In the meantime, I'm hungry. So off to the kitchen I go.

Moving is over-rated. I could easily climb into bed and fall fast asleep, but I won't stay that way, so I will head to the kitchen and get some food made.

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