Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bonding with Instruments, and the Shiny Pumpkin

Looking back, if I had gotten the piano, and applied the time to the piano that I applied to guitar, I would be a concert pianist by now—but such is life. I attacked my first guitar with a hunger bearing on obsession. It became my best friend. I wrote songs with it. I felt it’s rhythms course through my soul from the back of the guitar through my rib cage. Guitar became a way to express myself. Music and strum became my life’s blood, coursing through my veins. I wrote song after song. I performed at family parties. Beyond that, however, it was a secret I kept close by and closed in.

At 13, my school mates found out that I had latent talents. It was like I became a superhero overnight. Suddenly, I was completely in the limelight. The song that hit the charts with my school chums was actually a Johnny Cash rip the tune of “I’ve Been Everywhere”, I wrote “The Spirit of 76”. (76 being the graduating class). The song had 2 verses, made up of the names of all my classmates that year. It was an instant hit. I was skyrocketed to popularity…

But I got tired of playing it after while, and every time I brought my guitar to school, everyone wanted to hear it. Never Mind the new song that was in my head at the time…they only wanted to hear their name set in song—memorialized forever. So the shine sort of wore off the pumpkin.

It was a happy time for a while, then it got boring, and I realized that maybe performing wasn’t in the cards for me. I continued to play and write. My best (at least in my own honest opinion) is below:


You walked out of my life, and I won’t see you again.
I longed to be your wife, and I was sure your closest friend
But I found I can’t live on a dream you can’t fill
And I can’t stop my crying, don’t believe I ever will
So please, don’t hurt me again, anymore.

When I found you, I felt so satisfied,
Now the world lies blue for the million tears I’ve cried
And I hope you never call to tell me, you might return
A fool never listens, and this woman never learns
So please don’t hurt me again, anymore.

Oh, by the way, I saw your best friend at the market yesterday,
We got to talking, went out for a bite, and I had a great time, and your memory, didn’t even get in the way,
And now, I don’t even remember, and you never cross my mind,
What? You don’t believe me? Here’s what I had to find
You aren’t hurting me again
I don’t have to hide.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you, thank you. (bowing discreetly).

No really, don’t clap (mom! You’re embarrassing me!)…just throw money! Haha!

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