Thursday, August 2, 2007

Miscellaneous bits and batties

Tarot card for the Day: The 8 of swords.
Here's a woman, tied up, blindfolded, surrounded by 8 swords stuck in the ground, on the beach. Blindfolded, you wonder if she knows that she's in trouble--since the tide is currently out. Does she even realize what's coming? This card generally symbolizes being in a sticky situation from which there doesn't appear to be any way to extricate oneself. It's a card that basically says: "nothing you can do to make it better, but to let things go on as they will and hope for the best". The swords surround her but only on three sides. There are none in FRONT of her, and were she able to SEE, she could see that all she really had to do was march STRAIGHT FORWARD, and she would no longer be in the position she's in. The meaning inferred, then, is when it seems that things are darkest, marching straight into the storm, rather than trying to retreat, is probably the best policy in the current situation. When the card is reversed it means that things are not really so bad as they seem, but to wait until the storm passes to move. It can also mean, "stay indoors today, it's going to rain". But since we're going through a draught this year, and since the weatherman claims no rain until next week, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't mean that I need to stay indoors.
This card is the perfect draw for how I feel at the office. We are going through a very trying time with the new system that was recently installed on our hardware. It's basically been a nightmare (9 of swords), but only because it's made life difficult for all of us here. I keep hearing "this is normal"...but I disagree! It's not normal for me to expect that I'm going to have to commit myself to the looney bin everyday for a month! The gal in the card is tied up, but I'm the one wearing a straight jacket...see the similarities?

So, on to more fun things.

When I arrived at home, dog and cat were standing by the door with sorrowful looks....they had gotten into my sock yarn stash, and pulled apart one of my 100 gram balls. It was strung all over the house, and now full of cat hair.

I have to get out my winder to rewind it back onto a center pull ball. I suppose I might just as well also split it into two balls to prepare for knitting.

I also have a pair of blue and white socks that I made that were much too I'm going to unwind them, put the yarn on a niddy-noddy, and steam it so that I can make new, better fitting socks out of it.

I also have to figure out this broadband card. It's just not working like it should. So there is another project. One more job to do, along with making dinner and going to the store to buy pop. I'm getting exhausted again, but soon the pics will be uploaded, and I'll be able to go from there.

So I have my work cut out for me this evening! I hope that all of you out there in blogger land find your day full of yarn and fiber (if that's what you like), and all your days are warm in the daytime and rainy and cool at night (if you're a day person, like me, that's always a good thing).


Tonya said...

My heart truly goes out to you right now, i hope that your activities today (saturday are all you want them to turn out to be)
I have had your friday for 5 weeks now and looney bin wouldn't have me if I had the finances to pay them to let me in and as for fiber's either use what I have or have no fun at all again losing $500 income in a month that will be a permanent loss (who needs that with a kid in college?)
Oh well onward and upward, Give God his grace and he will make all things work for the greater good of us all...Best of luck today (saturday)

Tenna Draper said...

Ah, Tonya, I'm sure something will turn know what they say: When he closes a door, he opens a window. Watch for that window, it's opportunity, knocking on the glass.