Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Le Chapeau

I found a hat at Meijer’s the other day. This hat caught my eye, and I picked it up, examined it, decided it was mine and tossed it in the cart. No, I did not look at the price, until I got to the checkout counter. Imagine my surprise. Only $2.29!
Okay, made in China, and the actual pattern is on the inside – apparently a manufacturing faux pas. Still it’s a cool hat. I brought this puppy home in hopes of finding the two patterns it utilizes in order to make my own hat in my colors. This one won’t see the light of day once my colors are obtained. I’ve got a ton of stitch dictionaries for knitting, and it shouldn’t take long before I have this knit up.
Unfortunately, I still don’t have the yarn for the friendlysocks KAL (but it’s been shipped-I just got the email yesterday), and I got the pattern for the Berroco Shrug that I just love!

Are you getting the idea that I have too many projects in line to do?

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