Thursday, August 9, 2007

Spending the Day with HP (and I don’t mean Hewlett Packard ®)

Today’s Tarot Card is the High Priestess of the Robin Wood Tarot Deck. This is one lady who’s got it all together—a spiritual leader of mystery, she opens her book, as well as her crystal ball and peers into the future. The moon over her left shoulder speaks of her connection to the mysteries of the world, while two trees, one dark, one light, speak to the ying/yang, good/bad, in other words, the duality that exists in all of life. She imparts and embodies mystery, both at the same time. She is knowable, and yet, unknowable. Tomorrow will come, but only she knows what it will bring—and she’s not telling. The most secretive of all the tarot cards, she is wise beyond words, and second only to the Magician, who has control over these mysteries. She tells us to look beyond the obvious, seek into the subconscious, watch for things unseen, understand that there are forces beyond your control that will ultimately work for the good, even if they don’t seem so good right this very moment. She might be telling me that I need to relax where work is concerned—that eventually things will work themselves out, and not to fret my pretty little head over it anymore. Okay, HP, you got it…if I can manage it, being a control freak and all.

I discovered that someone I know has been reading my blog. This surprised me, because I didn’t really think that my life, or the things that go on in it, would come off quite so interesting to someone I knew. I’ve been told I should be a writer. I can’t imagine what I would ever write about! Should I tell about how I tripped over a dog and broke my ankle when I was 7? How I was so inquisitive as a child that I actually touched a wringer washing machine’s wringer, and ended up with a sprained arm trying to pull my arm free from said wringer? What about the time when my father called me into the tall weeds to watch millions of garter snakes weave between the blades of grass, to reach down, snatch one, and hold it up for the whole world to see my bravery!?

Oh, pushaw. I’m no great thing, and for sure, no great writer. But things do happen to me, and I’m a bit of a drama queen, I suppose. I find other people infinitely more interesting than me. However, that doesn’t stop me from trying, and I’d never let it stand in my way.

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