Friday, August 3, 2007

Always Consider Tomorrow!

Work finally did me in for the week, and I am finally out of jail and a free bird for the weekend. I might just take Monday off, too, considering how today went. Work and I just don't get along!

Tarot card for the day is the Wheel of Fortune. This is truly a card that can bring good tidings, or bad tidings, dependent on where you're at when the reading is done. If you're experiencing difficulties, things are going to get better. If you're experiencing a great time and life is good, you can expect a telegram telling you that your mom died or something (now that's a complete dramatization, you understand, but you get the picture), or just a speedy downturn of events. This describes my day today in great detail--had you been there to see it. Not prone to bawling my eyes out at the office, I suppose that the last month and a half has finally gotten to me--I had a mini nervous breakdown--RIGHT THERE. How embarrasing! But it is to be expected. You're goin' along great guns, then someone comes and rains on your parade.

So I left work early, and stopped at the LYS. Always a good tonic, right? I made a couple of purchases, then sat down to work on this wasp's nest of sock yarn that the cats so graciously left me to pick up and sort out. I have accomplished this, and the ball is neatly packed away where little kittie paws cannot reach. I still have to dehair it. Any ideas on how to get at least some of the cat and dog hair out of the yarn before I knit with it?

Purchases were two 50 gram balls of black fingering weight (for fair isle socks), and some glittery sock yarn, which won't photograph at all--but it's greyish varigated. The glittery stuff in it makes the yarn look like spun silver. Really quite beautiful. This is one that waits patiently for a pattern to speak to it. Since it comes in a 100 gram ball, I don't have to buy a second ball.

Tomorrow is the Detroit Highland Games, held in Livonia, Michigan. It marks my 25th year of being in band drumming. I'm taking my wheel and a pair of the John Anderson Kilt Hose to knit on--this pair being for my friend, who is doing the driving. There will be a fair amount of pictures from that watch close. I won't be home until quite late. The Games are an "all day" thing. I enjoy it quite a lot. Hubby works on Saturday, so the house will be empty, with the exception of all my animals. It isn't supposed to rain in Michigan until Saturday night, and the day is supposed to be a scorcher! I hope I can locate some shade to do my spinning!

A bird of unknown type is in one of the trees outdoors, chirping for all he's worth! Or maybe it's a chipmunk. We have lots of little critters about the place. Yesterday, there was a hummingbird in my lillies, getting a meal. The other day, deer were stealing apples from my apple tree. All sorts of apples on the ground, but they have to eat them out of the tree! Go figure.

Since I need to rest up for a while in prep for tomorrow's festivities, I am going to close for now, but keep your eyes open. There'll be lots of kilted lasses and laddies on tomorrow's post!

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