Friday, August 10, 2007

Capricorn to the end!

What is a Capricorn? Is it only someone with a birthday between the later half of November and most of December? My heavens no! Capricorns are deep, brave, stoic, the life of the party AND the wallflower. They are the enigma of all the sunsigns—problem solvers in everything except their own lives, where they seem to be mired in constant questing. High achievers, they never feel like they’ve ever made the grade, or that they ever will. They suffer from extreme highs and lows, and are often considered bipolar. They really aren’t, you must understand, because this is what life hands them—opportunity after opportunity, that they tackle with a relish, only to find out later, that someone else might have been a better choice to accomplish the task. Even so, when they are able to accomplish the task put before them, they often will beg off and exclaim that someone else could have done it better.

Yup, that’s me, all over. Case in point—at eleven, my parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Without thought, I said

“Piano..” Easy, right? Apparently not for my parents.

“Well, if you couldn’t have a piano, what would you like?”

Again, without much thought…

“Drums.” (single sentence phrases were apparently my early pre-teen responses)

Looking back, I can see that my mother was tiring of the game, and I remember she heaved a bit of a sigh at this one. I have never been much of a forward thinker, and tend to rush ahead where fools dare not tread…she thought way ahead in the future, far better than I ever hope to be. I’ll bet she didn’t want all the noise, I’m sure, now that I know how much racket drums make!

“Well, if you couldn’t have a drum, what would you like?”

By now, however, in my own selfish child’s view, I was being denied what I truly wanted once again, so I countered with a heavy sigh…

“Oh, I suppose a guitar will be okay.”

Keep in mind that I really did want the piano or the drums far more than guitar. I knew even at eleven the value of having a background in rhythm and in musical notation, and knew if I could play piano, that I could play ANYTHING. Apparently, my parents didn’t feel the house had enough room, and also the lessons!! Oh, my the cost of the lessons alone often turns many away from the pursuit. And so, a guitar came to me for my eleventh Christmas present.

Special thanks to, for the borrow of their picture of the sea-goat, which I could never have reproduced by myself, for the pictures of the piano and drums. A temporary use, that I will replace with my own pictures of my own guitar and other instruments, once I have better lighting tomorrow.

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