Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Sleepless in Seattle's got nuthin' on me!

Up late last night, with my own personal computer guru friend, who I've not seen in a handful of years, due to a computer glitch. Come to find out, it's not one of those pesky virus files that have been coursing the internet, but rather all the start up files that are loading everytime I boot up. I've been overtaxing my system.

But he gave me some really good information last night...for instance that I could get rid of my house phone and dial up internet account and for the same price, purchase internet through my cell phone and use a card in my laptop for high speed internet. He also showed me how to use my WIFI connection on my laptop, which was something I didn't know how to do.

This fellow is a GEM of a friend, and I have a very special relationship with him, even though he doesn't like to tell me much about his personal life, and I figure that it's more from a personal desire not to overburden me with all the gory details. Even so, he listens to my whimpering over trivial things--for instance how the software on our machines at the office is somewhat less than desirable, and of course, he and I can discuss many things computer related. He took my laptop completely apart--this guy is a total artist--I couldn't believe all the teensie-tiny parts in there, just to clean out my fan of the dust that was clogging the fins--only to put it back together precisely as it was taken apart, without one extra part remaining. Now my HUSBAND, on the other hand, usually has a part or two--maybe a screw or some oddbit--left over at the closing ceremony...but not this guy. He is meticulous to a fault--but when he's done, you know it's really done. I trust him implicitly with my machines...and in some ways with my life--indeed, my puter, being my connection with my readership and the rest of the world outside my little portion of it--really IS my life.

So with that, Chris, I honor you in my blog! You are truly a marvel (no not a comic) and my super-hero where my computer is concerned. Thank you once again for coming over to work on my puter so late. I honestly don't think I can thank you enough. And don't go being bashful about my praise. You do deserve it.

In the meantime, we were up working and talking until quite late into the night, and I'm sure he figures that I was unable to rouse myself this morning....however, I did just that! Roused myself in time to take the dog out, write this thank you, and take off for work--all on time. I do have a reputation to uphold at the office, and with this undesirable software, they truly do need the help in debugging, which I'm fairly good at. So I will make it, fear not.

The buzzer just sounded....And she's off like a promdress-on the way to work! More later!

Later, after the mayhem of the afternoon...

We all had a family dinner at Los Tres Amigos--Hubby and I, his sister and brother in law, their two children, and his mom and dad. I ate too much--that frozen ice cream sits on the top of it all, sort of rolling about in an utterly obscene way, and even after two antacids, I am still uncomfortable. I went about getting the card for the computer, but now, husband says he'll not be able to do without a phone in the house. Since I keep the cell phone with me almost all the time, it means that I won't have any savings. Looks like it's dialup forever for me.

Today's tarot card is the 10 of wands. Here we have a picture of a young person hoofing 10 long wands through a field, down a trail. It looks like he's plenty tired, and the city, far in the distance is where his thoughts seem to be, while his load is large and with back stooped, he forges ahead.

Basically, too much work, too hard work, too much load--looks like you'll make it, but it's going to take a long, long time to get there, and you're tired--exhausted--yawn! One more step...head toward bed...why does this sound so inviting, I ask you? Maybe that I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night? Could be!

Gnite all.

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