Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stressed, spelled backwards, spells Dessert!

Well, I did come home from work today, and went straight to bed, because this has been not just a difficult week, but a difficult 10 solid weeks, and HAIRY weeks at that. No, perhaps not “green gorilla” hairy, but more like “pull the strands out of your scalp” type hairy. The “I had one nerve left, and it’s YOU that’s got to get on it!” type of hairy.


It got to the point this last Thursday, that I literally pulled my telephone off the desk, ripped out the plug, and tossed it down. Then I walked into the supervisor’s office and asked her if it was okay if I did that. Later, when I arrived home, and after I settled into my blogging routine, I found the chest pains had subsided, so I called my phone at work, and cleared my voice mail. Now, I call that a dedicated employee.

On Friday, I plugged the phone back in, finally calm once again, B vitamins taken, and a good-night’s sleep thanks to Lunesta, thinking that I might just be able to handle it today, but the phone was inoperative. I didn’t believe I’d broken it, but it was smoking, and it emitted a noxious plume. I called telephone repair. Come to find out, I had plugged in the wrong outlet, which overheated the components, and when the repairman plugged it into the right plug, it still smoked (ssst…hot), so they replaced the phone, and I happily continued my work day. Today was not quite as hairy as the last 10 weeks, thankfully, and perhaps issues will begin to settle down at the office so that I can relax in a much deserved rest when the work week begins anew on Monday.

Two of Pentacles is today’s tarot card. Here is a juggler, on a tightrope passing two coins high in the air. It stands for juggling money, or borrowing from Peter to pay Paul sorts of behavior. This is curious, because I don’t really have any financial difficulty just yet. Although I am going to need to purchase corn for the heating season this year, and will likely need more than normal, as I’m expecting an early, long and cold winter season. Also, because of the draught, it is expected that the corn harvest, with it’s new popularity for Ethanol, will only bear 2/3rds of it’s normal yield. This means higher prices, and means that I have to purchase LAST year’s corn to see if I can at least find a break. Next year’s crop will be in high demand as soon as it comes into the silos.

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Knitting Rose said...

just wanted to say - I am listening. and reading. I don't comment all the time - but I enjoy reading your blog. you live and you relate your living that is what blogging is about. (for me anyway). sometimes it is a challenge because you don't want to get to specific.
have fun and have dessert.