Monday, April 14, 2008

Back to Stumped

Even with a myriad of things that I COULD do, I am stumped as to what to do for my next project--

Should I make the April KAL for the Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group?
Should I take the yarn and needles in to the office to work on the Heere There Be Dragone shawl?
Should I take a ball of cotton string and needles and Princess shawl to the office (along with the border pattern and the dry erase marker and the last threads of my SANITY?)?
Should I start a new pair of socks?
Should I just continue to work on my double knit hat?

What to do! Decisions! Decisions!

Well, since the double knit hat is MOST portable, and "ready" to go (as in packed into a plastic bag with all the trimmings), I suppose that I will work on it, but I surely would love to take a dishcloth, which is usually even more portable, but it's just not in "go mode" yet.

I got a new book called "Kitty Knits" at the LYS on Saturday. I've been eye-balling it for a couple of weeks....coveting actually---only for a pair of socks that lurk within its pages. They are "kitty socks", a plaid pattern with little kitty faces around the top. This is a cool thing, because I can edit the kitties to make pig faces, and give them to my mother, little devil faces (or perhaps jolly rogers) for my son who likes that sort of thing, dollar signs for my husband--LOL! Of course, then he will know what I'm after when he's gone from this world...wait...what am I saying?

Anyway, the socks are cute, and I want to make them. I've also got another book coming from Ebay--another library book with stitch patterns in it. Don't know what I need THAT for--since I pretty much have all the stitch pattern books I could ever hope to knit something from every pattern before I died--should I be that lucky to live to 500.

I expect I'll be 5 times fatter and 5 times wrinklier and wait a minute. How can you be fatter and wrinklier at the same time?

So I ask the tarot cards when will my hubby sell the property he has for sale.

I get the King of Cups Reversed, the 9 of wands reversed and the Lovers Reversed.

Basically, it probably isn't going to happen.

What the cards mean is that he's being too rigid, and needs to be more flexible--which he's not being. That's the King of cups reversed. The 9 of wands reversed has something to do with his retirement--probably that he has to retire first to generate the actual "need" for the money, rather than just the "desire" for the money, and lastly The Lovers reversed means a bad choice made in too much haste, which may have much to do with retirement OR selling the property OR both. In short, retirement without selling the property first is a bad choice, and he should perhaps lower the price to sell it before retiring, or not retire and wait for the market to recover some--yet selling fast (lowering price) to retire earlier is the bad choice. So, I guess you know what that means.

Remember the dollar signs on the socks?
---------------- (note: change of subject matter begins here)--------------
I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to get my nails trimmed again. I keep missing the "e" key.

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