Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's all good!

News, that is.

The wrist is healing nicely. I wear the brace only when the wrist "tires", and the inflamation is going away, I think. I might be able to drum at Kentucky after all!

I finished my Kumihimo, only to start another one, finished up my Inkle weaving, and started another (which is nearly done), and bought another MP3 player, that also plays radio, recorded my copy of the medley for the band upon it, and went outdoors to practice with both. My biggest trouble ATM is that the shoe laces I'm using for lanyards is acrylic and it cuts into my hands and doesn't really hold the knot as well as the cotton lanyards will (once I get them dealt with).

I've pretty much got the medley down and know where I'm supposed to come in--still having trouble with the last tune, but it's coming at least. I'm not comfortable enough with it to do it in my sleep, however, so I'll go to bed with it tonight.

You read that right.

I will go to sleep tonight with the ipod going, and listen to it over and over, until it hits the subconscious, then it will be in my memory forever. Right now, however, I know the tunes, and can sing along with the melody. There are a couple places where the tenor part isn't quite right in my mind and my senses slap me every time it comes. This is good! Means I am feeling the tune well!

So, when I go to sleep and relax, I will still hear it.

And learn it. The only thing I can't do is to visualize where the tenors are flourishing...but I will ultimately get comfortable with that too.

Kentucky is May 9 and 10. You might not hear from me until after, and I can let you know how we did.

See you soon!

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