Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Sounds a bit like "Terminator", doesn't it? But it isn't so threatening, really--just a Grandmother's Favorite Dishcloth with a religious center--read that HOLEY, rather than HOLY.

Kind of cute though, so here's the progress pic. I got this much done in about 3 hours--not to shabby eh? I like the openwork in the center. It's a little hard on the hands, though. It's made with a skp--slip 1 knit 1 psso. After that, it's just a standard Grandmother's Favorite. Really easy.

I got the pattern here, if I didn't tell you yesterday. Today, I'm going to make a few Tribbles, then I'm heading home to work on my fair isle--maybe do some laundry...you know "standard married fare".

This morning Mandy went outside and found a possum in our yard--big and all curled up. I'm not sure if it was dead, or just pretending, but it wasn't moving. Mandy was all over it like ugly on ape, sniffing. She didn't roll in it, thank god, which means it probably will move on once it realizes that she's not out there anymore. These possums are nasty and they have sharp teeth and can be rabid, but Mandy was circling and sniffing. If it's gone when I go outside, I will know that she didn't kill it, nor did the next door neighbor dog drag it dead into our yard. He does that sometimes--drag carcasses into our yard. I mean, why would he want to smell up his own yard, right?

Of course, the day is warm, and soon the little creatures--even the stinky ones (read that SKUNK) will come out and play, and Mandy will get her first skunk shot of the year, and be good to never let that happen again, huh? But it happens every year without fail. Just once--but every year. Sigh. She's a border collie--you'd think she'd remember!

Oh and before you go thinking I put my doggie in the shower with tomatoe juice, think again.The stuff doesn't work. You end up with a dog that smells like wet dog, skunk and spagetti sauce.

Um, maybe I'll pass.

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