Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day!

Well, just like the last 8 years, my hubby waits until the very last second to finish up the taxes. I've been waiting for at least 3 months for him to get the "tax bug" to get them out early. I'm a patient sort, but he waited until the night that I have spin night to finish them up.

"Where'd you put the taxes information?" He asks.

What do you mean! I put that stickie note right here one the table! What did you do with it? It has to be here somewhere! Tell me you didn't throw it away after I GAVE it to you to put with the tax information!

It's all your fault for losing it! You moved everything!

And these sorts of stress-filled, last minute arguments. I hate them. We have these EVERY year, along with the promise to each other that next year, we'll have them done professionally, but I have learned after my short 7 years (almost 8 if he LIVES THAT LONG!) with this man, that he is not about to throw good money after bad. He WANTS every nickel he's got coming to him back, and it really makes him mad that part of his deduction stays with the government.

Not that he's a penny pincher or anything, but you know how if you squish a grape it lets out a little "whine"? Well, pennies sit on every flat surface of our house. They become like furniture. He has quart jars (not just one, mind you--they are all over the house....) full of pennies. He even bought pennies on Ebay once.

Wait a minute...he bought pennies on Ebay???

The man needs some serious intervention.

Of course, the time will come when he will cart all these pennies to the bank and toss them into the coin sorter. The last time he did that he had something like $500 worth. That was a LITTLE visit to the bank. I think we had 2 white five-gallon pails both were half full. I think the cat went to the bathroom in one of them, and all the pennies at the bottom were rusted. We didn't turn those in--just gave them to the bank to retire, so the money back could have been a lot more.

In exchange for using the machine, they would let you use for free if you started an account for a kid or a grandkid, and as luck would have it, we had just been so blessed with a grandson, so hubby opened an account for him. How sweet. All that penny grubbling, and I don't get any of it? I could buy some serious yarn with that loot!

Well, enough of pennies and tax time. Today, I make the copies and send them out and it's done for another year, and I don't have to think about it again until late March/early April next year. Thank goodness they don't collect taxes on, say the 8th of August! Imagine the arguments when its hotter than an oven in the house to the point you can't breathe? My husband would go certainly apoplectic!

Got a few more rows done on the reversible hat yesterday, and the flower pattern is coming out nicely. I've had to make some corrections, but so far, they've ben pretty easy.

Something is going on downstairs, I need to check it out...if I'm not back in 10 seconds...call...the..

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