Thursday, April 17, 2008

While the World goes to pieces...

Well, I had completely decided that I was going to finally retire from Bagpipe Bands all together--I even told my friend Ray that

"Tonight, I think, is the last time I'm driving to Flint for band practice..."

and then proceeded to tell him why.

But then, several people showed up for tenor drumming, and suddenly--it got "fun".

Never mind the fact that we're probably 4 weeks away from having it down completely--and there's a competition in 2 weeks. Perish the thought. So I bent the credit card again, bought some good tenor beaters (yeah, the kind I really DON'T like), which will be "in" in a few days to a week, and put the songs on my memory stick (since I can't find my Ipod, but I think I remembered where it went, and I'll find it when I get home after heading to work), so that I can at least "listen" to the beating at the office


In the meantime, I am feeling totally pressured into going to the Kentucky Highland Games--I just don't know how the band works that stuff out--travel expenses and lodging, I mean. I seriously can't afford to pay my own way to these things, and if it comes to that, I WILL need to quit. At least there are other women in the band that are probably willing to room with me. God help them!

Anyway, the prospects looked a little rosier, and I'm considering going down on Sunday, as well, to work on this little thing called "tenor". We'll see how it goes. If I don't start working on it seriously soon, I'll be leaving it behind as one of those "things that just didn't quite make it" in my life, and go forward into some new endeavor that brings even more joy and positive motion--though what that might be, I do not know.

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