Friday, April 18, 2008

I've HAD it!

This wrist thing isn't going away. They're telling me that if it doesn't go away after another week, I might need an MRI!


I will tell you, though, today I took my brazziere off without taking off my shirt, twisted my thumb just so, and sent a shot of hot pain straight to the brain cells. Ouch!

Too bad I don't have the presence of BRAIN to stop tenor drum flourishing.

But the exercise is good for the arms, which look more like a wing-span these days....

It's one of those things that happen when women get older...everything you want big gets smaller, everything you want to stay small gets bigger.

I'm not sure which is worse??

I've been working on some basic Kumihimo, making a bit of shoelace--but it's tubular, and really, I wanted FLAT, but it doesn't look like I'm going to get "flat" anytime soon. I have quite a bit of the tubular stuff, though, and it might work.

This in addition to the tenor drumming, the knitting on the hat and the fair isle sweater. I also was notified of a pattern/kit for a pair of mittens, which is just beautiful, and it's in my colors, so I bought the kit for $30. Here's the information if you'd like to look into it...

Amaryllis Mittens

Ya'll need to make a pair! I'll have mine done in time for this coming winter, and while they won't match my hat, they will be a nice addition to my winter gear.

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