Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Est Finalment! A diagnosis!

I have DeQuervain's Tendinitis.

This is not good news.
The doctor put me into a hand brace.
Makes it very difficult to type.
Makes it very difficult to write.
Makes it impossible to flourish tenor drum sticks.

So guess what?

I think that for the time being, I won't be playing tenor drum until the tendons between my thumb and wrist heal--and this could take some time. Considering how much my wrist has bothered me today, I consider myself lucky that I still have a hand--I've threatened to cut it off twice today.

So, that said, I seriously doubt that I'll be going to Kentucky. Unless God decides to intervene--which he usually lets things like this happen to me because I'm not paying attention to something I should be paying attention to--and frankly, that could be anything.

Unfortunately, I am usually so busy, that I can't hear that "still small voice" this brace on my hand is sort of a forced "you're gonna listen now" thing, since I can't knit in it. I can't spin, because I can't get my thumb and forefinger together to dis the fiber, and I can't do band. So I am literally limited to doing

basically nothing.

I'm bored. I decided to write in my blog. Typing is weird. I can't hit the spacebar with my right thumb, so I am hitting it with my LEFT hand instead. The brain is so conditioned to hitting it with the right hand, that I have to literally "halt" at the end of every word to remember to hit the spacebar. I have trouble keeping up with my brain WITH my RIGHT hand!

So, if the text seems a little terse, please forgive. I have a disability today.

I had tendinitis once before, but it kept me from being able to wash my hair and stuff--so it was further up my arm, but no less bothersome. I went to physical therapy for several weeks for it. It finally went away on it's own. I was so glad when I could finally get my hands up to wash my hair without feeling the sting/pain of tendinitis. I haven't felt it since then.

Doc said "no filing, no lifting, no pushups".



Yes, I do pushups!

Well, I'm going to take off. I hope that the halting to press the spacebar doesn't hold me back too much at the office.

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