Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finally the Weekend!

I'm taking it easy, for the most part. Hubby and I finished cleaning the kitchen up, and I knit on my honeycomb scarf. We started watching a "Bones" Dvd from Netflix, and I decided to come in and blog.

Things just seem to work out that way, sometimes.

I'm playing around a lot with my newer computer--I like the monitor--A LOT. It's not the best that there is, but it's really quite more than I need. The laptop was okay, and still works. I might just run that back and forth to work--you know, if I could "ever get some free time" around there.

Honestly, I was behind 2 weeks, and in a week, I had myself caught back up. I worked my fingers to the bone, and got bony fingers to prove it, and stressed myself out with all of it, so when Wednesday happened, I was so sure that it was Tuesday. Then all the rest of the week, date-wise, I was a day behind. Meaning, that while it was the 6th, I was still writing the 5th. It was weird, but I didn't write the year down wrong, which is what I usually do....2010 all over again. Not this year, sweetheart! No, this year, I lose a day. I wonder if that's going to be a theme for the year?

We had dinner at Fire Mountain. This is a buffet style restaurant, similar to the old Ryan's Steakhouse, except you get to watch them make your steak over an open grill--the rest of the food is out on display. It's usually a good place to eat, as long as I stay away from the lettuce. Today, I didn't, and now, I'm paying for it. Funny how something like that, just one or two little bits, and you feel icky all night long.

I've nearly finished getting my computer back to snuff. I've got a few more things to do, but essentially, it's pretty much done. I've cleaned out a ton of email, and updated the sites I visit regularly. Here, of course, and Ravelry, and some others. It's not a simple process. Once you get your old machine "just right", it's time to get a new machine and start all over with a new operating system and the whole works. It's been daunting, but I'll survive.

If I can, I will get a picture of the Honeycomb Scarf uploaded so you can see how far I've come with it. I swear, it's nearly done--maybe another foot or two. I figure that I'll just run the skein out before finishing off, and hope to not have any leftovers, or to have a scarf that's too short. Time will tell.

Rich Michaels, local radio personality (I think I mentioned him in the not too distant past), invited a bunch of people to a local pub to have a reunion and drink. Well, I'm not up for that scene. I'd rather spend my eves knitting--besides, I can't partake anyhow, so why revel in someone else's party mood when I'm really not up for it after the trip to Fire Mountain?

So off I go to get back to the knitting scene. I hope that everyone is having a great new year.

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