Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knitting, Again...

Same bag, different color...or should I say colors? I'm using some of the leftovers from the blue bag to make the bottom and sides, then starting with the brown, light brown, tan and cream--I have some variagated green/brown, and think I might make a stripe of that as well. It will make my bag quite original, I think.

I'm going to work up several felted items and take them all in to felt them at the local laundermat. Save my own machine, and my girlfriend's machine--since I don't have a top loader.

Work is going along, and I have just 10 minutes before lunch. The plan is to go to Zoup! and get some soup. They make it a little too convenient, because I can order online, go over at my leisure, grab my soup and go. I think it works really well. The soup at Zoup! is pretty fantastic, and I can't stop going over there. It's never the same thing twice in a row, and I get a lot of variety. It's also pretty low carb, and I can eat what I need, and still feel full.

After work today, I'm going to drop in on a friend and give her a hand with a crochet pattern because she's having trouble. Then I'll go home and knit some more. I know it sounds like a pretty boring day. I have lots of those--lacking in drama and suspense--but it's good for my blood pressure! :) (not that my BP is high, you understand, but why take chances?) I think I can live with a boring life.

Of course, you know, you live a boring life for too long, and all of a sudden, the drama and suspense comes crashing down on you, and suddenly, you don't know which way to turn. It's sort of like you're Wylie Coyote, and the anvil is coming back down to hit you in the head and knock you clear to China, and all you have on hand is an umbrella to stop it. In these times, you open the umbrella over your head, and let the anvil hit you and knock you clear to China. Funny how that really does happen in real life, when you figure that running just isn't going to cut it. Right now, though, I'm in one of those smooth, (don't tell anybody!) easy going sort of times...but I can sense the anvil coming.

Because life happens to you, like it or not.

I hope your umbrella isn't made by Acme.

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