Saturday, January 29, 2011

JUst a Little Excitement

It snowed 4" last night. This is not normally a problem, especially since we live on a hill. One track generally plows through our road without much trouble. But two vehicles cannot pass each other with any amount of snowfall, because there are ditches on both sides of the road...

Not DEEP ditches, mind you, but in the slickness of winter, if you end up in one, you need some real power to get out of it..especially the ditch on the brushy side of the road that butts up against the woods.

Which is precisely what happened this afternoon.

Then a car came by, tried to get around, ended up in the ditch. Still another, and drove right into the ditch.

I swear, we had a parking lot in front of our barn!

The two cars came out with a one ton truck. The diesel truck was on the brush side, and was NOT coming out, no matter what happened. Finally, a neighbor came down with his front-loader, and towed the pickup out of the brush/snow/ditch.

All is back to normal, now, but the roadway is a mess.

Around about the time we got the truck out, the local Snowmobiler's Club shot by. There were 5 or 6 of them. They like to speed up our hill and back down the other side, just before they hit our mailbox--then down the road, and of course, there's a truck in the road. I imagine he'll be on his way home in a moment or two. I'm glad we got him out. It would have been harder if the plow had come by, and I saw one "thinking about it" on the main road, then decided against it.

After all that, my step son got stuck in the lower drive. I went down to help, by steering the truck (which I didn't do well at all) while he towed it out with his bigger truck. We nearly ended up in the deeper ditch that has water in it, but we got out. He managed to drive the little truck halfway up the drive, and when it would go no further, he parked it. Even so, it slid a foot before coming to a halt with the parking brake. I hope the parking brake doesn't fail during the night.

So that was my excitement for the day. Time for a pop and sit down in my chair and finish this pair of slippers.

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